Doing Business in Switzerland: Understanding history, society, and people


Those who want to live and work in Switzerland for a longer period of time or cooperate intensively with Swiss people should develop a deeper understanding of the cultural context in order to be productive and successful in it. This understanding will help you to understand current developments, adapt business projects to the Swiss context and develop a culture-specific competence for working with Swiss people. The module enables you to understand the historical, religious and social development processes that have led to the present Switzerland, its political system, and its role in the world. You will understand how Switzerland has changed from an agricultural country to a world champion in innovation and the role played by migration and the education system. The module aims at:

  • Understanding important historical milestones and myths in order to understand the Switzerland of today.
  • Understanding the religious history of Switzerland
  • Understanding the political system in Switzerland
  • Understanding the economic development of Switzerland
  • Understanding the educational system of Switzerland
  • Understanding the cultural development of Switzerland in literature, the performing arts and music.
  • Understanding Switzerland's role in international relations
  • Understanding the historical and current history of migration in Switzerland
  • Understanding culture-specific values, norms and rules in Switzerland
  • Develop intercultural competence for the Swiss context

In the module, you will immerse yourself in the history and present of Switzerland in a very lively way. The module includes various didactic methods, such as lectures, discussions, excursions, intercultural action training and self-study. 

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